Inventory problems with v 20.5.5


When I logged into manager just now there are several strange changes.

Under customers, I no longer see “quantity to deliver”. Under suppliers, I no longer see “quantity to receive”. I have not made any changes to the program. Last time I logged in (14 hours earlier) the program was working like normal.

Another thing that has changed is that I suddenly owe suppliers due to currency exchange loss. This was not the case 14 hours earlier. I always enter the currency equivalent when registering payment in foreign currencies.

What has changed in the program since the last 14 hours? How can I have functionality restored?

j’ai le même problème, je n’ai toucher a rien et les qte a livrer vs qte en main sont dans la même collonne, cela bousille tout mon inventaire… il faut réparer ça et vite svp…

English only on the forum, please, @Isabelle_Rousseau.

I can duplicate a series of apparently related bugs. Quantities to deliver and receive have vanished from the Customers and Suppliers tabs, as @whereskarlo wrote. But they have also been transformed to zero in the Inventory Items tab. I have put this topic into the bugs category.

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cala va être réparer? en je ne parle pas anglais dsl…


Une fois qu’il est classé comme un bug, il est généralement corrigé assez rapidement

Once it is classified as a bug, it is usually fixed fairly quickly

The columns are back in the latest version (20.5.6). Still looking into foreign exchange difference issue.

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la version que j’ai est encore 20.5.5, cela va se mettre a jours seul?

The issue with the foreign exchange gains / losses has been also fixed in the latest version (20.5.7)

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I am happy to report both bugs are fixed. The customers and suppliers have their columns back for qty to send and receive (and for the inventory tab as well like mentioned by @Tut), and the currency exchange gains/loss have disappeared as amounts due on old purchase invoices. Thanks for the fixes @lubos