Inventory Price List Sort Order

Is it possible to have the price list printed out by Item Code or Item Description?

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Report formats cannot be changed. But you can get that information by sorting the inventory items tab listing by code or description and exporting the file. Just click on the column heading you want to sort by. With this capability, the price list report is actually superfluous.

The reason I ask is that I keep a hard copy of the price list in the workshop and finding items by code is preferable as I use the code to identify supplier eg the code CS-656565 refers to CS as the supplier and 656565 as the part number. With over 3000 items in stock it can be extremely difficult to find items by description alone.
It is great to be able just to hit Inventory Price List and print out or email, but it would be nice to sort it by code instead of exporting and sorting that way.

Guess I’m just being lazy…:roll_eyes:

As stated earlier "Just click on the column heading you want to sort by"
Therefore - click on “Code” column heading and the inventory items will sorted by code

No columns in the Inventory Price List in Reports…:cry:

Sorry, within the Inventory Items tab itself


Yeah, I figured that was where you were referring to.
It just seemed a shame to have a great tool that was, really, unable to do what I needed.
Maybe it can be done…who knows?

I’ll put this on the Ideas list.

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Useful if it can be done. This is more close to filteration and selective print.

If the business is automotive industry, you might want to filter it down by selective part with multiple measurement and brands. To use both for the client or stock taking to know small difference of the stock description.

I didn’t realize the report wasn’t sorted by code if codes are used. This has been fixed in the latest version (17.6.47)

For those who have like thousands of inventory items and would like to print price list for subset of items (not all), I’m going to add support for custom fields.

The way it would work, you create a custom field on inventory item (e.g. brand, type etc.), then you will be able to get report (e.g. price list) where custom field equals selected value.



You da man!! Love the custom field idea too.