Delivery Note - Out of stock items

We observed a troublesome issue in Delivery Notes.
When you create a new delivery note you supposedly move items from your stock and deliver them
to another person/company/warehouse.
Manager permits us or does not warn or inform us if the item is out of stock.

Any workaround or solution already provided? Couldn’t find a topic about this.

Best Regards.

You need to check stock availability first. You can do this while creating a delivery note by opening a second window and viewing the Inventory Items tab. Procedures depend on your edition and operating system. Instructions have been given many times in the forum.

@Giorgos_Arnakis , add your vote to the idea…

When you create a delivery note from sales quote or invoice with 10-20-30 items it stops being an erp software and starts being a handwritten ledger. And this is because it carries over the quantities so its imperative to have this warning. You cant deliver 0 quantities nor can you spend 10 minutes in an error prone way for something that is solvable and should be imho. As a mass importer - exporter with 4-5 page long invoices, this is a handicap. You either have to print the quote and mark or strike throughout each line you’ve double checked, or risk get interrupted while checking

Manager has never been represented as ERP software.

But that isn’t really relevant. This idea is already in the ideas category, as you well know, since you posted the same thing in that thread. Please don’t double-post.