Inventory - need advice on internal purchasing/transfer products

Can someone advice me on the inventory and how to transfer/purchasing products within the departments.

Let says that I have 10 exercise books in the inventory. The Administration staff goes over to the logistic department and request for 2 exercise books. How should the entry be?

I’m sure you will get other members to respond with maybe a better method, I would set up Administration Staff as a Customer, Items charged to them would go out of inventory, and a record of those items would easily be tracked.

I have set up the expenses account -stationery for the each department, but just could not figure out how to credit out from the inventory to charge into the stationery account of that specific department requested.

Look at Inventory Writeoff’s

If you are using inventory (rather than selling), enable Inventory Write-offs tab. It will allow you to take inventory items and write them off into some expense account.

Also, for divisions, you shouldn’t be creating accounts for each division. There is better way to handle divisions, see: