Inventory & Managed Services (IT Industry)

Would like peoples suggestion’s regarding this - I am a IT Managed Services provider and when creating Inventory items particularly for Technical Support Level 1 etc the quantity is always decreasing - is there a way to make it so that “Parts” obviously decrease based on stock usage etc but for Services have it as a infinite amount? I don’t want to have to modify Sales Invoice items all the time if things change.

It sounds like you are selling “labour / Time” so just setup Technical Support Level 1, Technical Support Level 2, Technical Support Level 3 each as an “invoice item” under, settings, Sales Invoice Items. Once done as you generate invoices it will be one of the invoices items you can select without being concerned about inventory.

I work in the IT Industry and I also provide Support Hours Packages as well as sell IT goods.

The Inventory should only be used for actual physical stock that you buy from a supplier and then sell onto a client. The purpose of inventory module is to track your stock, determine how much you make in sales on inventory over cost of inventory as well as to track what inventory you sell a lot of and what is profitable and what is not.

I am unclear as to how your prices for Technical support works, but I assume that you have a set price of x amount per hour or x amount per day, so as Compuit suggests create several Technical Support Levels on the basis of hourly rate, daily rate, weekly rate etc.

If you do not quote the client first, in other words you just do the work and then send the client the bill, then perhaps the Billable Time Module might actually be better for you. I don’t use this module as I quote clients first, then do the work, then invoice. But the Billable Time Module is perfect if your prices change each time you do the job and you don’t quote the client a set price. This module is useful for lawyers and anyone who runs up a Time Tab.

I simply use set price packages for IT Support for my clients and I use the Sales Invoice Items area for that, but then again my prices only change annually if that.