Inventory location not appearing on goods receipts

The Goods Receipts tab of our Cloud edition is working fine in our Manufacturing Company set up.

But the challenge we noticed yesterday 24th September is that the Inventory location between the Description and the line item is not showing when you want to enter a new goods receipt since yesterday.

Before 24th September, 2019 see what it was:

The background since 24th September, 2019 for goods receipt is:

The sample text I did with the new Goods receipt shows that, the goods receipt will hit under unspecified in the Inventory Quantity by Location in the Report.

Then when the transaction is open, the Inventory location will show up and then use EDIT to select the appropriate location.

See what I mean?

Is there anything done from your side that affected this?
Please we want it resolved for it is not normal and proper for Users with only create.

Many thanks

@cmnak, your post had nothing to do with the topic where you originally posted it and would have received little notice. It has been moved to its own topic and designated as a bug.

Fixed in the latest version (19.9.43)