Inventory location field is in a counter intuitive position

Hello I need help from you guys. I can’t find the button to choose inventory location when I input purchase invoice. What is the solution? Thank you.

There is no such button, but it seems there should be. I will put this into Ideas.

@Tut @lubos i think this became unavailable recently and should be categorized as a bug instead of ideas.
i am 99.99% sure the option to select inventory location on purchase invoices was available in earlier versions. the reason i am not 100% sure is because it is not something i select on every purchase invoice as i had set them in the Form Defaults.

the Inventory Quantity by Location report proves that my purchase invoices has allocated inventory items to a previously defined inventory location. this would not have been possible if there was no option to select the inventory location in purchase invoices.


the option to select inventory location would be in Goods Receipts tab if the same was enabled. if not, then it will be available in Purchase Invoices.

i do not have the Goods Receipts tab enabled. but anyway i enabled it and found the option to select inventory location available in Goods Receipts. so i think the issue is that option to select inventory location is not shown in Purchase Invoices when Goods Receipts is not enabled. i am using 19.9.48

I looked at the history of the Guide on purchase invoices going back to its first creation in September 2016 (one of the privileges of moderators). There is no evidence inventory location could ever be specified. Goods receipts and inventory locations were both added to the program in July 2017, and there is no mention of inventory locations in connection with purchase invoices after that date. So I think your memory is mistaken.

There is no inventory location field to set for purchase invoices under Form Defaults.

I’m not sure your screen shot provides direct evidence. I think I recall some issues with assignment of inventory at the Unspecified location when the inventory locations feature was first introduced. Your inventory may have been reassigned as a result of some changes that came in rapid sequence at that time. I wish my memory was better.

At any rate, it seems like the ability to choose an inventory location should be there.

@Tut sorry but i disagree. the option was available in 19.9.48
please check my below post from 3 days ago where i had posted a screenshot of the Purchase Invoice form.

surprisingly, i am still on version 19.9.48 and the option is not visible now. and i can assure you that the Goods Receipts tab is not enabled. @lubos please explain what is happening.

i just updated to 19.10.6 and there is no option to select inventory location on Purchase Invoices.

@Tut @lubos @ejjaadiargo

i think the program has changed recently. and i believe there was no announcement regarding the same.

i can confirm that the option to select Inventory location appears after you select an inventory item in the purchase invoice.

before selecting an inventory item.

after selecting an inventory item.

@Tut maybe you should update the guides. :slightly_smiling_face:

So it does, @sharpdrivetek. It was that way in 19.9.48, too. I have removed this topic from the Ideas category. And I will put an update to the Guide into motion.

@sharpdrivetek there is absolutely nothing wrong with your memory as the programme has indeed only been changed VERY recently

In Ver 19.9.2 - Inventory Location appeared automatically on the Purchase Invoices once a Inventory Location had been created under Settings. No need to enter any Inventory Item.

Regardless of what the past Guides may or may not say, this has always been the case since Ver 17.6.51 - the Location field appearing on both Sales and Purchase invoices.

But once again we see Manager “fixing” something which wasn’t broken.
Whilst it may be a cleaner form to have the location field not appear until it’s required, after an inventory item has been selected, it is totally illogical to have the location field appear above that inventory item entry. Why not have it “re-appear” in the exact location as previously.

Having a user work counter intuitive is just illogical, you fill forms from top to bottom - not via a circle of downwards, upwards and then downwards again.

i totally agree with this, the position of inventory location must go down where it was before
i was blaming my custom theme for this

@Tut if it possible put this into ideas section
is counterproductive to fill the invoice till the end then go up to put inventory location

I understand your request. But I decline to put something back into the ideas category the developer already decided to change. If you read this entire thread, you will see I originally did so, then removed it.

then is in the hand of @lubos to decide

Was this intentionally removed or has it disappeared because of some bug that was introduced?

Only @lubos can really tell us :slight_smile:

it was not removed. where and when it appears has changed as explained in my reply #6

Yes, you are correct, I am jumping on the wrong band wagon over that one. I misconstrued the later part of the thread between @Genti_Ge and @tut where I just got confused.

It’s late, apologies.