Inventory Kits

Compliments on a fine product.

I have created an Inventory kit based upon parts that are on order from the Supplier but although recorded in the Inventory, they are not yet in stock.

I have created a quote and in the code column, I have select the Kit part number. Does the system show ALL the components of the kit by automatically add those lines relating to the kit to the quote or invoice? I assumed this was the case and would show up on the quote/invoice etc.

Thank you

No, as you have only entered the kit inventory code on the invoice that is all you are going to see. If the kit was selling at a lower price then the comparable total of the individual items, the quote / invoice would have a conflict. Rod & Reel @ 35 compared to Rod @ 25 + Reel @ 15.

A kit could be made up of 50 items (a pcb board), you wouldn’t want to see all the individual components listed on the quote / invoice.

Thank you for your reply Brucanna again, I see your point. just looking for shortcuts :wink:

Cheers again