Inventory kits pricing

I sell like quantities of parts consistently and sell them at the current price of each part vs a combined price, is there a way to do this with inventory kits, I realize I could add all the parts together and use that as the value but then I would have to edit the kit price every time one of the parts changes price , which can happen weekly , and that wouldn’t be saving me time.Is there a way when using kits to automatically combine the current price of all the parts listed and use that as the price if nothing is entered in the sales price box. I tried using a sales order template with all the parts on it and cloning it but had the same issue as it didn’t account for price changes.

There is no linkage between inventory item prices and inventory kit pricing. Inventory kits are just a shortcut for selling things together that are stocked and managed separately. Most users sell a kit for less than the sum of the component items. But the kit price can be more than, less than, or the same as the sum of the components.