Inventory kits to delivery notes bug


I think there’s a small bug somewhere that needs to be fixed. Please look at the issue below:
Let’s say i have an inventory Kit A = Item 1 + Item 2
In a sales invoice i sell to my customer 2 units of an inventory Kit A and then i copy it to a delivery note, for the movement of stock sold to be completed and reflect correctly in my inventory on hand.
However, what happens is that it only deducts 1 unit each of item 1 & item 2 from quantity owned/ qty on hand and shows 1 unit each of both under qty to deliver.
Whereas if in the delivery note instead of marking 2 units of Kit A delivered, i enter 1 unit each of Kit A in 2 different lines, then it correctly deducts 2 units each of item 1 & 2 from the inventory on hand.

i cannot reproduce this problem on version 17.7.63
the inventory quantity is correct.
if you are using an earlier version than mine i would recommend you update Manager to the latest version and check if the problem still appears.

i was on 17.7.61 upgraded to 17.7.63, still the same problem
I am attaching screenshots kindly see if i am doing something wrong:

The first 2 show the creation of the inventory kit:

The following is the line from sales invoice:

The following is the line from delivery note:

The consequent effect on inventory (of item 1121-BR) which is a component of inventory kit 255127:

Now if i edit the delivery note like as follows:

Then the inventory gets correctly adjusted as follows:

Figured a solution, if i don’t enter 1 as the qty under bill of materials while creating the inventory kit, then it works fine

first of all why do you need an inventory kit when the kit itself consists only one inventory item?
a kit is usually used to represent a pack or group of multiple inventory items.

It’s just an internal requirement to suit a specific need. Same products needs to be billed using different code/ids as well as at different price to different customers.
So it makes it easier via inventory kits instead of manually editing the invoice every time.

But that’s not how it is supposed to work. You must have done something else. I just tried to duplicate your problem and cannot. Here is my inventory item, which I set to have a starting balance of 14:

Here is how it looks in Inventory Items tab:

Here is my inventory kit, with quantity of 1 in the Bill of materials field:

20 AM

I sell 2 inventory kits on a sales invoice. (I’ve left off all tax codes for simplicity.):

The inventory item list now shows 2 to deliver, with quantity owned reduced by 2:

I complete a delivery note for the 2 inventory kits:

The inventory list shows that 2 units of the underlying item have been delivered and quantity owned has been reduced from 14 to 12. All works as designed:

So somewhere in your processing, you did not do what you said you did.

In your bill of materials field the qty is (automatically entered) 1. If you manually/specifically enter/write 1, then you will get the same problem as I did.
Or so it happened in my case.

Thanks for that extra information, @sanchit. I can now reproduce the problem. I have raised this as a bug. And it is worse than your example revealed. I have experimented with multi-item inventory kits, sale of multiples of inventory kits, copying sales invoices to delivery notes, and so on.

@lubos, when an inventory kit is delivered via a delivery note, Manager functions correctly only when the default count of 1 inventory item per inventory kit is used without intervention. If 1 inventory item is entered manually in the bill of materials or more items are entered, the result is wrong. For example, if 4 kits are sold and entered in a delivery note, only the underlying inventory items for a single kit show as having been delivered. Those inventory items for the remaining 3 kits show as still to be delivered.

If it matters for debugging purposes, I did these tests with an inventory kit containing from 1-3 units of the same inventory item.

Yeah, I realised that too while experimenting with more than 1 qty and was going to raise the issue, glad you noticed it.

Thanks again for this wonderful software and wonderful after support group that you guys run. Really grateful.

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Apologies for that, i was using my email to reply directly on this post and so my default email signature (my business info) got published as a part of the reply. Will be careful in the future.

Fixed in the latest version (17.7.82)