Inventory Kit - Deducting of Stock

As far as my knowledge the following should happen if one wants to work with Bill Of Materials/Bill Of Quantities: -

One creates one manufactured item from various stock/inventory items. When this Item is invoiced, the stock should be deducted automatically.

It appears that Manager use the Inventory Kit for this purpose. The problem is that the inventory items are not being deducted when an inventory kit is invoiced.

I am new to manager, but are up to standard with various other accounting programs, Sage Pastel. Fincon, Quickbooks and Turbocash.

Would this be the correct procedure (Inventory Kits) to use or am I beating around the wrong bush?

If there is another way please advise.

You seem to be confusing production orders and inventory kits. Production orders are used to record manufacture of one finished item from a number of input items. The inventory quantities of output/input items are adjusted when the production order is entered. Average cost of the output item depends on average costs of input items (plus any non-inventory costs).

Inventory kits are just shortcuts for selling items together that are stocked separately. The inventory kit does not exist in inventory. It deducts quantities of its constituent components when the sale is recorded.

See these two Guides:

Thanx I will try it and advise further. Seems I was beating around the wrong bush.