Asset book value errors when number format is 123.456.789,00

Hi @lubos, the amount is shown in the wrong format.

Edit screens show to full accuracy whatever the inputs to them (or the calculations that result in inputs) include. The balance sheet contribution for this asset will be limited to the format for the Euro you have defined (presumably two decimal places). This occurs throughout Manager.

Your Fixed Asset Summary will also match your currency definition.

You have a lock date set for some date after your start date. But somewhere, there is a transaction with three decimal places feeding into this book value. Perhaps there is a pre-start-date purchase invoice with a calculation. Or maybe you have a tax-inclusive payment that resulted in an unrounded, three-digit unit price. You will have to track that down.

@Tut It’s not the rounding. Manager should have calculated book value as 309.83 (that’s 780.88 - 471.05), instead it’s 30.983 which is 10x less than what it should be.

That looks like a bug.

I concentrated on @Frankie’s statement, “…the amount is shown in the wrong format.” [Emphasis added.]

Then I duplicated the math. But I could not replicate the result with direct entry of the acquisition cost and accumulated depreciation:

Screen Shot 2021-01-12 at 6.32.29 AM

So I still think there is something in the entries contributing to the starting balance. My hypothetical possibilities remain as potential explanations. There could be others.

I’m not sure why this is but I’ll investigate further.

@tut, It has something to do with the number format settings.


This is wrong.


This is correct.

@Frankie, it confuses the issue when you try to illustrate the problem you believe you have while showing different assets. Please choose one that you believe illustrates the issue and stay with it.

Your software is also out of date. Please update. If your problem persists, post new screenshots illustrating it.

Hi @tut, it is not important which asset is used it’s the format that causes this. The version i used for the screenshots is 21.1.17 and installed just last Saturday.

I updated a minute ago and the problem stays exactly the same.

The reason this was important is because the Settings page where number formats are set changed after the version you were on. The problem might have been related, but apparently was not.

I was finally able to duplicate your problem. It is a bug, and I am moving this topic to the bugs category and editing the title to reflect the problem.

  1. The bug occurs in both the Fixed Assets and Intangible Assets tabs.

  2. It occurs only when the number format is selected as 123.456.789,00

  3. The specific bug is that the decimal separator—a comma—is ignored in the calculation of Book value. All numbers are treated as integers. Thus, in @Frankie’s example:

    3775 - 1303,91, which should yield 2.471,09 is treated as

    3775 - 130391, incorrectly yielding -126616 (the correct result for the integer subtraction), which is displayed according to the number format preference as -126.616

  4. To fully understand the problem, you must look at the asset Edit screen after it has been updated, truncating any trailing zeroes in the second decimal place.

Fixed in the latest version (21.1.22)