Number display in summery


My default nummer format is 123.456.789,00.
In the summery give the asset 123.456.789,0000 on cash basis. On accrual basis 123.456.789,00
Version 19.12.1

It shouldn’t be happening but if you click on the figure to get general ledger transactions for the account, is there any transaction with 4 decimal places?

My english is not too good. If the sentences seem strange, it is because I have used a Google translator.
Sorry for the late response. But now I have logged in to the forum again. All transactions are 2 decimal places. In addition to the purchase price of the stock items have more than 2 decimal places. Version 19.12.13 also gives 4 decimals on a cash basis for the assets. 2 decimal places are stated on a transaction basis. In the summary there are 4 decimal places for warehouse stock and a cumulative result. But only on a cash basis. I hope you can do something with this. Thanks in advance.

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