Inventory item prices not populated when copying from goods receipts

We input purchase price on each inventory items, but when creating a new invoice, no prices are shown, so we must check the prices, copy, then check, then copy.

Please take a look and fix it soon. Thank you!

What edition and version?
Show edit screen of inventory item, please?

This works in Manager Desktop version 21.3.70

Also, please temporarily switch language to English before taking your screen shots. That will help those who cannot read Vietnamese.

This is the photo of PO with full information.

Then a GR with no PO number for reference (unusual as before)

Invoice copy from GR with no price.

Inventory items with purchase prices input.

@huyen, if I understand your workflow correctly, you are trying to generate purchase invoices by copying goods receipts. Is that correct? But goods receipts do not have prices to copy, only quantities.

But we have done this before. The price was automatically added, as we input them when creating an inventory item.

Your idea that GR has no price is right.
However, think that the quantities in the good receipts maybe different from our PO created before, we have to check the quantities when copying from a PO.
With the current flow, we have to check the price, too.

The way we check the price or quantities now wastes our time, right?

Thinking about this more, it does seem like a bug. I have put the topic into the bugs category and edited the subject to more clearly reflect the problem.

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Fixed in the latest version (21.4.71)