Inventory cycle

Is it possible to add purchase request and sales Request, is it possible that the purchase cycle starting from the receipt voucher is mandatory so that the purchase order number must be selected in the receipt voucher and then copied to an invoice with the same purchase order numbers and goods receipt voucher ( mandatory) as well as in the sales cycle.


Are you talking about Quotes or Orders? Because there’s no such things as requests in Manager.

The process flow adopted by manager is the conventional process which is as follows:

  • Sales Quote > Sales Order > Sales Invoice
  • Purchase Quotes (RFQ) > Purchase Order > Purchase Invoices

This is by far the most common process followed by businesses. You can easily adapt any of those documents to fit your purposes by retitling.

Refer to the guide on changing a form title for more details.

Manager does not provide built-in linking between Purchase and Sales transactions.

However, you can link those documents by using a shared field such as the Description field, or by creating a custom field.

Refer to this guide on using custom fields.

Moreover, you can’t copy a receipt to a purchase order or a purchase invoice. In order to achieve this, you need to issue a Sales Invoice first which you can then create a New Receipt and then get back to the invoice where you can Copy to:

  • Purchase Order,
  • Purchase Invoice, or
  • Whatever

But to do that, you must issue an invoice for the receipt.