Cost adjustments to recover from negative inventory

where can i find the underlying problem to fix this?
i appreciate your help

What is your screen shot displaying? Do you have the Goods Receipts or Delivery Notes tabs enabled? (Manager behaves differently with or without these tabs.)

No, none of them is enabled

this is the summary of my inventory-cost
I’m getting “Cost adjustment to recover from negative inventory” as shown in my screen shot

Did you have negative inventory for those items after entering a Sales Invoice ?

You generally get that when you have sold inventory that is out of stock.
So if you sold last week an inventory item which wasn’t in stock and you purchased the inventory this week, then the allocation to Inventory-Cost doesn’t occur until after the purchase of inventory has occurred.

Or, a sale can’t have an Inventory-Cost until there is actual inventory to sale.

I have 1 pc in my Inventory and i returned it, but why there is still that Cost Adjustment to recover from negative inventory?

Once an automatic adjustment to average cost is made, it is never removed. The average cost calculation is a running calculation. This is the same as adjustments to average cost from purchase invoices. Even though you sell the item, the costs of purchasing it still influence the current average cost.

Did you enter and later delete transactions related to this inventory item? Also, have you assigned this inventory item to a custom control account? (I wonder where the “-098” in your breadcrumbs at the top of the screen shot came from.)