Why no value for the credit note (inventory on hand)

please help me

Show the edit screen of one of the Credit Notes?

Why are there no purchase or sales invoices shown - that’s quite strange.

Usually you purchase and sell inventory items but you seem only to be using debit and credit notes which are usually used for returns from customers or returns to suppliers

You have not shown enough information to tell what has happened. Credit notes transfer value back to the Inventory on hand account based on the most recent average cost of an inventory item transferred out. If you transfer back more than were transferred out on the last sale, the program goes back to the next earlier sale, etc. If there was no average cost when the items were transferred out, there will be none when transferred back.

Average cost is determined based on your purchase history. Based on the limited information in your first screen shot, the transactions include only debit and credit notes. So you may not be using the program correctly. I wonder why you have so many debit and credit notes.

i dont understand because my first language is Arabic can you help me and explain what i must do

look to the inventory on hand buy (-)

I cannot tell what you last screen shot shows. You need to capture the entire screen.

because i use the program from the begin of 2020 and i was sold some of items in 2019 and in the 2020 i have debt and credit notes
do you understand me

Read the three-part Guide on inventory management that begins here: Manage inventory - Part 1 Introduction | Manager. Follow all the links it contains. If necessary, copy and paste text into a translation program.

look to the (-) value

The negative values show that you have sold more of those inventory items than you own. In other words, they are backordered. They probably were when you sold them. So when you issue a credit note, there is no average cost. The software is waiting until you purchase more.

look to value here the Cr balance show only
when i use the program from the begin 2020 and this item was sold in 2019 and the customer return this item to me
do you understand me

look to the [Qty on hand] and total cost and purchase price

That screen shot comes from the Summary. It shows that you have never purchased this item. The only transactions involved are debit and credit notes. That account should have a debit balance. But it always has a credit balance.So you have doing things incorrectly over and over again.

The purchase price shown in the next screen shot is only what you told the program you could buy the items for when you defined the items. That is not the price you ever purchased an item for. You have no average cost for any item shown, which suggests you have never purchased anything.

Your third screen shot also shows you are buying and selling incorrectly. Read the Guides.

I started using the program in 2020
These items I had bought and sold in 2019 and then the customer returned the sales so they had no average cost. Do you understand me?

Yes, I understand. The fact remains: as far as Manager knows, you never purchased the item. If you purchased and sold all units before you used Manager, and entered a zero starting balance, the program has no way of assigning a cost to an item returned by credit note.

If you want to assign a value to the item in your Inventory on hand account for the unit(s) returned from the customer, you cannot use a credit note in that situation. You must use a payment. In other words, you must “buy” the item from your customer. Now you have two choices:

  • Enter the unit price for the returned item at the full amount paid to the customer. This will make the average cost for the item equal to the sales price you refunded. That is probably too high.
  • Enter the unit price as what you originally bought the item for under your old accounting system. This will give a more accurate average cost. But the resulting payment will be too little. To make up for that, add another line item for the difference. Post the second line item to an income account. This income account will function as a contra account.

To illustrate the second option, assume you have an item returned and you pay the customer 100. On the first line item of your payment form, enter the cost you purchased the item for under the old accounting system, say 60. On the second line item enter your markup, 40. Post it to an income account, say Returns. Now your payment will total 100. Inventory on hand will be debited 60. And Returns will be debited 40, making its balance -40.

The customer had bought on credit
How can i adjust the enters
Can i creat new supplier and buy from him then
Make journal entries
From the supplier × 000 debt
To customer x 000 cr