Internal Error-all features

I have searched and tried everything that was suggested on the previous entries - please see the screen shots. I tried to create a new invoice, but got this error. then tried to do a payment, it does the same. Then tried to do a bank recon - does the same. On absolutely all features the internal error come up. I have tried on two laptops - same story. I cannot do anything but view previous transactions. Please help!

Please say what edition of Manager - desktop, cloud or server?

What operating system.?

Windows 11 Home Single Language - version 22H2 os build 22621.963

Hope this is what you are looking for

It looks like the SQLite database is corrupt. Add and open the most recent backup file and see if the error is still there or not.

My previous back up work, unfortunately i backed up end of last month - does that mean i have to re-do all the work from there or how do i get the work that i have done from end of last month back?

Well, you are learning the hard way. I guess you will be making a backup at the end of each day now and store it on 3 different media? AFAIK only Manager’s developer @lubos can try to repair the SQLite database. Else you’ll have to redo the entries.

I normally make daily backups but my dad passed away and i had other things to attend to in-between work the past two weeks. Thank you, I will have to re-capture then.

Sorry about your dad. My condolences.

If there aren’t too many entries then do that. Else you’ll have to wait until @lubos wakes up (it’s 2:14AM now in Sydney) and send him the file.

Thank you. I have made a back up yesterday but seems that it was too late already as the back-up also have the error. I then exported everything to excel and then updated the batches on the previous back up I did two weeks ago. Seems like it is working. I am just in the process to make sure everything is corresponding :slight_smile: looks like the back-up I did yesterday saved me even though it is practically unusable.

Send me your database to and I’ll have a look what I can do.

Hi Lubos,

How do I send the database to you? I do not know where to get the database - sorry i am a bit clueless.

Kind regards

See Backup, restore, import, and transfer businesses | Manager
then email the backup