Inter Account Transfer

I have a problem with Inter account transfer transaction, amount is debited to one bank account while it is credited to two bank account how to deal this situation in one entry.

Company Banks account

Bank A , Amount of 150,000 debited
Bank B, Amount credited 7500
Bank C, Amount Credited 7500
Total Debit Bank A “15000”
Total Credit in both Bank B & C “15000”
How to deal this in one transaction …???

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In short, you will have to enter two transactions

@lubos it is better to add a line item option to Inter Account Transfer also. In my case, I have two credit card accounts and some times I will pay the credit card bill of these two credit cards with a single CHEQUE. with our existing system, I am entering two transactions in the inter-account transfers for a single payment.

if possible add a line item option to the inter-account transfer. it will help to avoid the multiple entries instead of a single entry.

@B4ALLB4U, this ihas been discussed extensively in the forum previously. It is already in the ideas category: Inter account transfer enhancement.

@Tut thanks a lot… I hope this feature will be soon available in Manager.IO