Installation issues on windows 7 and on windows server edition 2008

Okay so after a lot of wait for the scanning feature on manager we decided to purchase the server edition anyhow. Attaching the screenshot. This is the problem which we are facing atm. After installation and extraction of files when you run the application it gets stuck there in dos with this command.
A help would be much appreciated. Note that we have NET Framework 4.0 and it’s not working for both Windows 7 and Windows server edition 2008

I think that you need to have .Net Framework version 4.5.2 installed. I think that newer versions of Manager need a new .Net version that 4.0

The server version works properly. It’s not “stuck”. It says the HTTP server is listening on port 8080 so now you can connect to it from web-browser.

Yes, thanks. Worked but after purchasing the license key it says an e-mail would be sent to you shortly.