Infinite number of decimal places

This is terrible! Are there plans to fix this ridiculous decimal place problem? Also, it says the account is “Suspense” but on the details it says “Inventory on hand”.

Can you please post a screen shot of the Edit screen for one of the expense claims with all the decimal points?

Also, what version of Manager are you using? (Click About Manager in the top menu.)

You can’t see the screen shot?

Anyway, it’s the Expense Claims screen.

My version is Manager 16.9.5

Yes, I can see the screen shot you posted, but it is of the Expense Claims ledger. I need to see the Edit screen of the specific claim that is giving the problem. That’s where the problem lies. Click on the Edit button in the far left column in the row of the 9/1/2016 transaction and post the result.

I’m able to reproduce the issue. Check the latest version (16.9.7) where it should be fixed.