Indirect taxes in GST bill

what are the different impact our indirect taxes have after introducing the bill do the customer will get some extra benefit from that bill ?

You will need to provide an example of what you are referring - one can’t guess from your comment.


You meant by producing GST compliance Bill or Invoices to your customer is it?

The impact would be, by law and taxmen point of of view. The customer allows to claim GST refund from the taxmen for previous invoice paid GST by the customer.

However, I think your nation’s procedure would be before you even produce such bill, you need to register yourself for GST collection. If I’m wrong correct me.

If I’m interpret it inaccurately, you may meant by GST + other indirect taxes in your bill?

with the gst bill Here any chances of inprovement in indirect taxes because there are many chances that indirect taxes gets very confusing for customer.The customer need to pay entertainment tax ,service tax etc my question to you is how this bill with impact these areas ?

@Dipal7, you need to provide a specific example of what you mean. Asking whether there is any chance of improvement gives no basis for a response.

You meant whether the gst rate include those the one you mentioned, service charge, entertainment tax and so on?

Consult your local tax authority whether those additional taxes and charge will be included in gst calculation. If it does not, then you may setting up multi level tax in settings.

In Malaysia, Service Charge are well known in Food and Beverage industry, Gst won’t include its calculation for the said Service Charge.