GST implementation need changes

After implementation of GST taxation system in india. We need some extra rows beside Discount row named as CGST, SGST & IGST with %age on each item. So kinda need some option for adding custom row option in sales invoice.

See the latest guidance on GST in India:

Hi Lubos, Your valuable suggestion sounds good. I have started using this software couple of months back so don’t know how to upgrade with suggested Firmware. Thanks in advance if you can guide.

If you using the Desktop Edition, click on the Desktop Button at the top of the Forum home page to update.

Updating is exactly like installing. It varies according to your operating system. But you do not need to uninstall anything first. And you are only updating the program. Your data is not involved, as it is in a separate file.

Okay…done successfully. Thanks once again.

well i do agree with you but most of the people are still confused about the classification. there are things you must know about CGST, SGST and IGST. You might want to take a look in here CGST, SGST and IGST Explained :slightly_smiling_face: