Incorrectly listed accounts for inter account transfer

In bank transactions’ (Bank accounts>> Current account>> Statement balance) list I see transaction’s accounts:

Although the transaction (inter bank account transfer) itself has different accounts:

When I look into Transitory account statement, I see incorrect represented accounts as well:

This is how transactions look inside the form:


So, incorrect accounts are being listed in list of inter account transfer in at least two places.

Manager 18.1.42


Based on the information you have shown, I don’t see any problem. When you drill down on Statement balance for a bank or cash account, the Account column displays the other account involved in a transaction. If that account is a control account (with subsidiary ledgers), it lists both the control account and the subsidiary account.

So for an inter account transfer, if you drill down on Statement balance for the Paid from account, you will see the control account and account name for the Received in account. If you drill down on the Received in account, you will see the control account and account name for the Paid from account.

It appears from what you have shown that you have a control account named Petty cash, under which you have assigned an account named Transitory account. You have not shown enough information to know whether this is a bank or cash account, but the behavior is the same. Likewise, you seem to have another control account named Current account, under which you have an account also named Current account.

To make account designations more obvious, it might be helpful if none of your cash or bank accounts are named the same thing as the control accounts to which they are assigned. Bank and cash accounts can be renamed in their respective tabs by editing the accounts themselves. Control accounts must be renamed in the chart of accounts under Settings.

For the sake of completeness, remember that cash accounts are automatically assigned to the Cash on hand control account. That cannot be changed, although the control account can be renamed.

Both are correct

Oh, that is how it works. Now I understand, it is not “Account-Account” designation, but

2. Account-Subaccount”

That makes sense, thanks.

If you want to see that in convenient form, look in the Inter Account Transfers tab. No drill-downs are required.