Bank Account shows from-from instead of from-to

Understood is that the business must be using the features implied in the steps below.

From Businesses page, follow these steps:

  1. Click on business. See business opens to Summary page.
  2. Click on Bank Account tab. See list of bank accounts.
  3. Click on “Actual Balance” balance. See Actual Balance page listing with columns Date, Account, Description, Amount, and Balance.
  4. Find a transaction that was entered with “Inter Account Transfers” tab. Notice that the Account field displays the Paid From account both before and after the dash.

Looks to me that the intention is for the Paid From account should be displayed before the dash and the Received In account should be displayed after the dash.

I am running on Windows 10 in Firefox browser. I have the Cloud Edition of Manager.

I hope you will take this post as a customer working with the Manager team as an unofficial member of the team.

Forum members may wish to post whether they are able to follow the steps to see the phenomenon described above. Sometimes is helpful to include in your post your operating system (Windows, Mac Linux, or whatever) and the type of Manager edition (Desktop, Cloud, or Server).

I would rate this a low priority since I see no degradation of Manager utility. Clicking on edit beside the transaction shows the Paid From, Received In, and all details of the Inter Account Transfer transaction. Also, the Description tends to show enough of the nature of the transaction that clicking on Edit to see the Paid From and Received In accounts is not necessary.

I think the description is Control Account - sub account so Cash in hand/Petty Cash and not From/To qccount



You misunderstand the display. When you click on a balance figure in the Bank Accounts tab, everything you see pertains to the account whose balance you clicked. The transaction for that account could be either a debit or credit. The account in the Account column is the other account in the transaction. The posting to this other account will be a credit or debit, opposite to what the corresponding posting to the bank account was.

When you see a dash, the account before the dash is a control account. The account after is the subaccount. If you are seeing the same wording in both places, you apparently have your bank account named the same thing as your control account.

For example, if you transfer money from a checking account to petty cash, the listing in the bank account register might show Cash on hand - Petty cash. A transfer from PayPal to checking might show Cash at bank - PayPal in the bank account register. The same transaction in the PayPal account register would show Cash at bank - Checking.

It is not correct to think of origin/destination or from/to in this context. The entries in the Account column are always other. For inter account transfers, those other accounts will be bank or cash accounts. For other transaction types, they could be income, expense, or balance sheet accounts.

Yes, I named the control account the same as the bank account. Tut, again you showed your acuity in figuring out how I misunderstood the display.

Thank you for explaining to me.