Including Tax Percentage

Dear Sir How Can i Tex Percentage Including My bill Amount…

Please can you explain further?

Dear Sir

When customized a template For GST …

But I Cant Do That …So Plz Can You Setup My Manger Soft customized a

Remotely Ammy admin Ya Teem v …?

@Har, if you are asking about the new GST system of India, see this guide: Implement India’s 2017 GST scheme

To learn how to install a theme see: Change the look of forms with themes

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Dear sir

We Doing Avrithing On Link But i Cant Get Proper customized In My Soft …
Sir Can You Plz Tech My Pc remotely… on ammy admin Ya Teem V…?

Please edit your post and remove your number. You should not put personal information on a forum.

We are only users, not professionals, so we can not remotely connect to your PC. But if you can say what your problem is, someone may be able to suggest a solution. It helps if you post a screenshot of the screen where you are having problems.

One thing to remember: When you make any changes, including to Tax Codes and Themes, you always have to click the green Update button at the bottom of the screen.

@Har, what version of Manager are you using? (Click About Manager at the top of the screen.)

Please Describe your Question… with required photos and details, then only you can get perfect solution.