Inactive inventory locations not suppressed

Hi, I have old inventory locations that I have set to inactive that remain visible. in reports as well as inventory location (when clicking qty on hand from sale invoice tab). Is there a way to remove them? It’s very cluttered.

You cannot remove them as long as there are transactions linked to them. But you can select only the desired locations in the Inventory Quantity by Location report by checking the check box Custom inventory locations:


BTW, you find 6 inventory locations ‘very cluttered’? :innocent:

Thank you! Do you know if there is a way to suppress these locations when I’m viewing QOH from the inventory tab?

No, you cannot do that. Making a location inactive removes it from dropdown lists when entering transactions. But it does not remove the records of transactions that have referenced that location. Those are still a part of your financial history and position.

This is the same answer @Mark gave you. Asking the same question in different ways will not give you a different answer.