Proposal - inactive invoices


Hi everyone, as we got now the new feature for item to mark them as “inactive”, i just come up with another idea. Not sure what you are think about it but let me explain

if this kind of feature “inactive” would be implemented for example in the overview where we can see all INV. Means, when a INV is fully paid, all done, it might be can marked as “fully paid” and then also will be hiding similar as on the items. ? This i think could be helpful to focus on open payment, delay and so on. All paid INV are hidden from the bigger overview.

what you think, see screen shot on how this feature is on f.e. items. They are not gone, just hidden. For INV maybe call it “paid” or whatever


This seems unnecessary. In the Sales Invoices tab listing, invoices are already sorted according to status, with Paid in Full invoices last.


Hi tut, this is clear to me. What i want to avoid with this feature is that i can focus more on open, actual invoices and not have a list of hundreds of INV, so if the finished one are hidden, then its more easier to see and focus on actual one.


I understand, @Dietmar. It just seems to me that by having unpaid and overdue invoice at the top of the list, you have what you want. They are even color coded to help.

Also, that’s the standard usage of the Aged Receivables report.