In suspense but not showing in accounts > uncategorized

Version 24.4.30.
Before this version we used a “bank and CC clearing account” to assign each side of our credit card payment to.

Payment side from checking and receipt side on credit card account.

We used bank rules to autocategorize as they came in.

Last week we began using the new inter account transfers account for new credit card payments, and we changed all prior credit card payments from the old "bank clearing account to the new inter account transfer account and set the corresponding paid from/received in accounts correctly.

We then deleted our (now empty) “bank and CC clearing account”

Today I noticed that after importing transactions That’s some of the receipt and payment transactions that had bank rules assigning them to the deleted “clearing account” no longer showed up as uncategorized receipt under bank and cash accounts tab, even though they were in suspense.

After going into suspense and clicking on edit, these transactions all had an account selected i assume consisting of the old “bank and CC clearing account’s” internal account name. The one with all the numbers and letters.

Not entirely sure why…

Maybe it had something to do with the old bank rules even though they have not been ran.

After clearing out the account for these transactions in the suspense area, they showed correctly as uncategorized receipts and payments.

At this point i deleted old bank rules and set new ones.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

I suspect the issue is; after an account is deleted you need to edit bank rules which used the now deleted account to ensure they instead use a now valid account.

Manager normally prevents deleting items still being used by may not prevent account deletion when still used in a bank rule.