In find and recode I can not find current account

In the find and recode I can not see current account in the drop down list

I agree being able to directly specify an account would be better.

  1. The work around is edit the chart to account to append a unique string to the accounts name.
  2. You can then search for the unique string in find & recode to select transactions in the account of interest
  3. Edit the COA again to delete the unique string

What account?

Sorry Tut manager calls it the captial accounts

Accounts available for this function are somewhat limited. Automatically created accounts are not included, because posting transactions to them requires interaction with other parts of the program. Examples are Accounts receivable, Inventory on hand, Inventory - sales, Employee clearing account, Fixed assets - loss on disposal, and Capital accounts. Typically, these also require designation of subsidiary ledgers. The feature is most useful for ordinary income and expense accounts.