Importing contacts and Products

I want to import my contacts and products. Is this possible?

Importing facility hasn’t been implemented yet. Sorry.

Is there a chance that you will be implementing this feature soon?

This topic is more than 1 year old. Importing has been implemented since then.


thanks! :slight_smile:

I am not sure however a few days ago an idea of re import was discussed. specially for products. We usually got new purchase and sales prices of our products quarterly or sometimes monthly. So i would like to re import new prices with the same product names. We have more than 500 products so updating individually is a mess. we need some way to bulk update

Re-importing is not yet possible but I will be looking into it in upcoming weeks.

Is there any update in importing contacts and products?
The link mentioned in an answer above does not work.
Thank you

This is an old topic. It’s already possible to import items, customers, suppliers etc.

See: Using batch operations on inventory items