Importation of tax invoices

Is it possible to import a bunch of invoices in text file format into manager. Whereby, all the details including the stock items are captured and effected in the ledgers accordingly.

The Scenario is; I am using a main system used by many countries and I need to do the books at country level using manager. The invoices produced per day are so many that it will be hectic to punch them in two systems.

@Tut, any suggestion here?

What services are supplied by the “main system”?

Do is just generate invoices? does it manage customers? Is it another accounting system?

@joe91. The main system is another accounting system known as AS400. The mother company globally wants to use this to raise invoices and track sales, commissions per country etc.
At country level; we are comfortable using manager given its inter activeness(main system is not used to make financials in individual countries). Each country makes its own financials for tax purposes etc.
The issue is to therefore synchronize these invoices from as400 to manager either through daily importation of text files or any other automated solution other than manual “re-punch”.

No. The closest you could get is Batch Create, pasting information from a spreadsheet. But it would be very difficult. To understand why, go to the Sales Invoices tab and click Batch Update. Copy to clipboard and paste into a spreadsheet. The resulting information is what you would have to produce.

Mixing accounting systems seems very questionable, at any rate.