Import Receipts

I sell on Etsy. I am able to download my sales details each month. I want to import this detail as Receipts through Receipts & Payments. I am having an awfully hard time figuring out how to map my Excel data to the fields on the Batch Create spreadsheet from manager. Can anyone help?EtsySoldOrderItems2020-10.pdf (98.2 KB)

Have you searched the forum? The subject of batch creation of receipts has been discussed many times.

I have searched the forum but I have not found a post that shows how to match fields. Is there a help document that describes the fields and/or matches them to the fields in Manager?

With all batch create operations in Manager, first enter some of your data manually then do a batch update to see the data format required to achieve your example manually entered data (create is identical to update but has no “Key” field.

To efficiently enter and required GUID links to other tables, goto the target Manager tab / database table. Do a batch update to read (and you can then save) all the GUID Keys.

To add them to your new batch ch create (the operation you created this thread to do) have a look at