Import hexadecimal String

I’m importing my receipts and payments on a monthly basis and have had to use the hexadecimal string for the import file for things such as the accounts, tax codes, and bank accounts. Is there something I’m missing or does the import function just not work with the account codes?

You’re not missing anything. That’s the biggest drawback to batch operations.

However, you don’t need to fool with that when importing bank statements. Bank statement imports are completely separate from batch operations. Where are you “importing” from, and what exactly do you mean by that term?

I’m importing from Excel. I’ve given my friend a template to enter their sales and purchases and I’m creating formulas to pull in the proper hex codes for each item so that she can upload regularly. So it’s really just an excel file with a log of transactions for now. I’m so used to Epicor where I can just upload the account codes and customer IDs and Supplier IDs, etc.

Why not have your friend enter their transactions directly in a free desktop version of Manager. Why do things twice? If you are furnishing some additional service, they could email you a backup file. You could import the entire business and do whatever other magic you provide. Then email a backup back to them for the next cycle.

I’m honestly doing it this way because she’s used to Excel and not familiar at all with accounting. So, it’s less work/time for her to enter the lines in excel, then I can clean up a few things and just import everything. It’s less time for both of us. And since I’m doing this in my spare time, I’m only committing a few hours a month at best. Seemed like less of a time-commitment than training her on the software initially.