Import from file of Purchase order items

Hi all

I would like to know if there is a feature that would allow me to import line items into a purchase order. Something similar to bank statements.

Thank you

you can only do batch operations.

by the way a purchase order is issued from your side to a supplier. so why not create purchase orders in Manager itself rather than trying to import from other programs?

Thanks for the feedback.

The reason for the request is that I have a some orders that are based on other documents which contain the required items to be purchased and therefore it would be easier to have these put into Excel first and then just uploaded.


You can through batch create. It’s not fast to setup everything but if you know excel very well you can do it. I import sales invoices.

Hi Davide

Could you share an example of the excel worksheet to import Purchase Orders at line item level.

Thank you

Create one entry manually. Then begin a batch update. The format and content are identical except for the final key, which is generated as the transactions are created.

As I said I import Sales Invoices not Purchase Orders… if I may suggest for multiple lines you should use & (or CONCATENATE) and UNICHAR(10) to indicate the change of line item