Import expenses

Hi - does anybody know if it is possible to import a batch of expenses into ‘expense claims’ from a csv file? I use my personal CC for a number of business expenses and can download these each month from my bank and edit before importing - would be a lot easier than manual entry. Thanks!

No, you cannot create expense claims in bulk.

OK thanks Tut - I guess a workaround would be to use a dummy bank account to import (business related) CC transactions into…

Just creating a dummy bank account will distort your balance sheet. If you are paying the business expenses on your personal credit card with personal funds, expense claims are necessary.

On the other hand, if you pay a portion of the personal credit card statement with business funds, that’s a different story. You could create the credit card as a bank account, import the statement, but delete the personal expenses before finalizing the import.

Is there a reason not to have a business credit card?

Thanks Tut - I think that can work. I’ve been using my CC this way for years and just recording the business transactions in Quicken Cashbooks. So after importing the business expenses I will show a transaction from company to personal for the same amount but actually pay the CC from personal. I think that can work. Appreciate your feedback…