Import bank TRX's

I tested it with my own RABO-account and I encounter the same problem. So sorry, I can’t be of help with this problem.
In one of the threads on this forum, Lubos wrote that he prefers to get rid of the csv-import possibility because of the many problems it brings.
As mentioned earlier, I have for the ING and for the RABO bankaccounts Excel-sheets to convert a csv transaction file into the qif format. Everybody interested can get this Excel-sheet. All you have to do is send me a private mail message.

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THX voor testing.
I sent you a private mail

It works perfect,
Thanks Hennie, this save me a lot of work.

Kind regards

Hello Hennie
I am based in Greece and all banks ( including ING Greece) exports their Xtres in csv. Could you please send me the Xl as to give it a try ? I will send you a PM

Thanks in advance

When my Excel-sheet works well with the ING-Greece download, I will translate the manual and the sheet in the English language.

Hi Hennie,

Could you also send me the Excel sheet for import Rabo transactions.
I have tried myself a lot and don’t get it working properly.

Thanks in advance (btw I don’t know how I can send you a private message).

Greetings Eric

Click on your avatar in the upper right corner of the forum page: 31%20AM
Then click on the envelope symbol: 54%20AM

You are now in the personal mail system.