Import bank statement

i have trouble uploading bank statement in csv format

Please search the forum before starting new topics. This subject has been discussed many times. Also be sure to read the Guide: If your problem is not resolved, you need to furnish much more information than just “I have trouble….”

I have read the guide, and read many forums too
You don’t have to be so rude when someone is asking for help

If you have read the Guide, you know CSV format is the least reliable, as well as why that is so. If you have read other forum topics on this subject, you will know about what some other users have done to resolve their problems with CSV statements. You cannot expect help when you do not reveal what you have done or what result you experienced. Your post did not mention that you had read the Guide or other forum topics, so as a start I directed you towards sources of help. I am sorry if you think that was rude. The truth is you have not provided any information from which more suggestions can be offered.

Since you know many things, can you please suggest the best format?

There is no best format - it all depends on what is available from your bank

If i send in the format, will you be able to help me

No. Success with importing bank statements depends on the format of the statement, the preference settings of your computer and the application you use for viewing the file, preferences on your browser if you are using the server or cloud editions, etc. Even if I could import your file, that does not mean you would be able to. And I would never want to import (or even look at) your bank statement.

So let’s go back to what can realistically be done. Start by telling us exactly what you did and what the result was, as I requested earlier. Tell us whether any other formats are available from your bank besides CSV. If that is all that is available, describe what columns are included and how they are labeled.

Since you know what bank you use, can you please tell us what formats your bank provides?

The relevant ones we are interested in are listed in the guide linked in post #2