Import a CSV file

Hi we have a car wash business and want to import the daily invoice slips from a CSV file how can it be done.

You can’t import financial data except for bank statements.

want to import manual invoices captured in an excel file converted to a csv file

If you set up an New Bank Account under the Bank Accounts tab you can use it to import a csv file. Then transfer the balance to another account of your choice.

The csv file will need the following columns: Date, Description, Amount. You can also have a Ref column.

Read the guide: Import bank statements

You can apply Bank Rules to the import: Use bank rules to categorize imported transactions

You should set up a test company to experiment before you do this with your main file. The test file can be a back-up of your main file.

Sorry to throw cold water on things, but importing a .csv file is not the same as importing sales invoices. A sales invoice has a lot of information on it that never makes it into a bank statement (and thus won’t be imported even if you turn a spreadsheet with all that information into a .csv file.) Most notably, all line item information is missing, so no inventory transactions, no tax calculations, etc. The bank statement import feature is designed to import financial information.

Besides, why do things twice. If you’re willing to enter all this information into a spreadsheet, with corresponding risks of errors, why not enter directly into Manager?