Idea - Ability to add a % surcharge to an invoice

As some payment methods incur a surcharge, it may be desirable to implement a percentage-based or flat rate surcharge on the gross total of items (or minimum flat rate if the percentage returns a value that is too low). It would also be handy if such surcharges could be exempt from certain tax codes, meaning they won’t contribute to total GST paid. Perhaps even better, if we could nominate an account where such a surcharge would be categorised into.

The withholding tax option seems to be pretty close to the functionality I desire, however, it is the opposite. Rather than adding a percentage figure, based on the total, it subtracts it (it also doesn’t support negative values, nor should it, as I was trying to exploit the feature!)

I’ll try to give an example that may explain things better. Consider the following invoice:

3 x Product @ $10 each;
Sub total: $30.00

GST @ 10% of sub total.
GST: $3.00

Money collected: $30 + $3 = $33.00.

Surcharge @ 2% (Based on money collected, so subtotal + GST): 2% of $33 = $0.66
Total: $33.00 + $0.66 = $33.66.

It would be important that the surcharge does not include GST, as the surcharge is not an item where GST may be reclaimed at the end of financial year (Australia).

Also, another idea, could there be a means of setting a default tax that is applicable to all items on outgoing invoices? Having to ensure each item has a 10% GST surcharge is a bit finicky.

Great job on Manager, by the way, really, really awesome. I was pretty close to starting development on my own piece of software, but Manager does practically everything I want + more, so hats off to you!

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If you are selling inventory items (for example), you can assign the applicable tax code within the inventory item and then it will auto fill on the sales invoice - so no finicky ensuring.