Charge by percent on invoice

Hi everyone!

I want to know if it is possible to add a percentage to the invoice total. Let me explain myself a bit better…

I made an invoice with an article of $5 dollars. I have a tax code applied to that article (8.25%). So the total of the invoice is $5.41 dollars.
Know, I need to apply a charge. The total of the invoice plus 5%. So the new total would be $5.68 dollars.

I don’t want to apply that charge manually because every invoice is different. Can this be automated with just adding a 5% so Manager can calculate automatically?

What I want is something like the functionality of Late Payment Fees. But instead of a monthly charge, I need it for that day.

Manager will not do that. Everything needs to be entered as a line item on the invoice. That is because everything needs to be posted to an account. A percentage amount tacked onto the end would go nowhere.

Ok, guess I will need to do it manually. :slightly_frowning_face:

Thanks by the way.

You can enter a formula in the cell. Enter 5.41*.05 as a line item it will do the math for you. Unfortunately you won’t know the total until after you create the invoice.

That’s a good option @VISA-MC, thanks!