I want the invoice to be printed in the dimensions of the printer's receipt

With respect
I want to reduce the width of the sales invoice page to less than eight centimeters. I would like you to explain to me how I can make this change.

Note: I am not going to make the font size smaller, but I want the distance between the tables to be smaller

Thank you

You have two issues:

  1. You can only print to a narrow printer with a custom theme. Others have posted theme code on the forum. Search for “thermal printer.” Be aware, however, that custom themes are now an obsolete feature and will eventually be removed from the program. So whatever you do will not be future proof.

  2. The bigger issue is that you cannot fit a layout designed for A4 and USLetter-sized paper onto 8 cm wide paper with the same font size, only reducing distance between tables. There is simply too much information. Your goals are mutually exclusive.