How to restrict number of records while printing

can we restrict number of records per page while printing e.g. I want to print just 10 records per page and left the rest paper blank and print remaining records on other page


What are you printing, and what exactly are you referring to as a “record?”

Actually I have a preprinted paper for sale invoice, which is printed from lower end 5 inches, I want to print on it and remaining lines on the other page.

This would have to be done with a custom theme. Coding such a theme is well beyond the scope of this forum.

if your printer has the option you can make a custom paper size 8.3 x 6.7
or if you have a simple printer select an A5 instead of A4 (you may need to select landscape)
and the printer will print only inside the size selected leaving empty the bottom

try it, i remember i used a solution like this long ago not with this software

it does not work here, it skips the lines and always assume that it is A4 size Paper hard coded inside the program