I Can't Print or save Purchase order as a PDF file

The above subject matter refers;
whenever I try saving any file as PDF, my manager hangs. It stops working.
I can’t print the file either.
What should I do.

This sounds like some kind of driver issue with Manager. Try changing the driver of the PDF program (i.e. update the program). I use Tracker Pdf Xchange-Lite 2012 to print my pdf’s and I have no issues. I use windows 7 32 bit. Download Tracker Software Products :: PDF-XChange Lite: Small, Fast, PDF files from any windows application. and see if that pdf printer driver works for you. Then you can eliminate your OS and troubleshoot your current PDF Printer program.

Are you also having this problem when printing to an actual printer?

No, I am not having the problem with actual printer.

Well see if tracker pdf xchange works for you. I have used Nitro PDF editor and the program is very heavy on resources and I have never found it to be that great. Its very good for converting a pdf to word which is why I used it in the past, but prefer xchange for creating pdf’s as it creates much smaller pdf files.

This may be related to PDF-saving problems @lubos referred to in another post today. I can “print” everything I’ve tried as PDF’s. And I can use the new Save button to save reports. But when I try to Save invoices, I get this:

When I click OK, Manager closes.

Hope that helps with troubleshooting. Using OS X.

I use Nitro PDF creator (Pro8) and I don’t have any issues and I am still using V15.1.87 of manager.

I can print to the virtual PDF printer no issues