I can not login to Localization

Is there any update for localization login I do not know?
I’ve tried all the links provided in the forum, but I’ve failed to log in.

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Anonymous access didn’t work in the end. There were many invalid contributions and I couldn’t keep up. The new model is that only approved users can contribute. I’m working on a checklist or some kind of guide to explain what kind of standard is expected for these country-specific business templates to meet.

I think this is better for approved contributors too knowing someone new won’t damage their good work.


@Lubos, I agree and think that you need to identify and maybe even pay those that are competent and authoritative enough such as tax accountants to help with this.

I think some sort of attribution or a badge would be enough for most contributors.

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It would be useful if potential (un-approved) contributors had read only access, that way:

  • new authors could demonstrate their ability prior to making official contributions and

  • all authors could learn from other jurisdictions localisations without all having write access to all localisations.


Please contact Lubos or myself if you want access to the localization server.

I need to go on with the Italian localization

Added, kindly check your inbox. apologies for the delay.