I am trying to use Manager for Aamzon (FBA) bookeeping

I want to use manager accounting for amazon bookeeping purpose, I like to record bulk, as “Batch Create” I have following details which I have to add for every single Invoice:

Product Qty: 1
Price: 3.79
Commission: -0.58
Tax: -0.12
FBA Fulfilment Fees: -1.69
Tax: -0.34
Net Proceed: 1.06

or may some other charges to less or add in some cases like advertisement expense etc.

so please guide me properly, especially for batch create for this pattern. I read about batch create & update in datail but can’t find anything helpful for me.

Also I made a manual (single) Invoice which is atached as an Image, please check also there is Amazon Invoice attachment.

waiting for reply, Thank you.

Read all the table of contents of the guides
Create test businesses and try

If you still need help then provide details of your best attempt including Manager batch create screenshots

You can set the figures up to appear in every invoice using form defaults.