How would you account for Amazon Gift Cards?


I am a bit lost on how to account for Amazon Gift cards in Manager.

Could you please tell me if this would work?

-I created 2 new bank accounts
a)Amazon UK Gift Cards

b)Amazon USA Gift Cards

c)I did not set the “control account” to my main bank account.

d)I created 2 customers (Amazon UK and Amazon USA)

e)I now click on the “Amazon UK” bank account and click on “receiving money”, set the account to “Commission received” but do I need to set the tax there? Let’s say I am based in Belgium and receive the gift card from uk, is there a way to set the income as “commission received” with no "tax?

Thank you.

You need to furnish more information on what you are trying to accomplish. What was the purpose for which you received the gift cards? Why did you create customers for the gift cards?

Completely separate from above, any transaction in Manager can be set to have no tax applied. You simply do not select a tax code.