Should I enter a tax code when receiving money for a sales invoice?

I have generated a sales invoice like this. The invoice has Australian GST specified.

To record payment for this I click Sales Invoices tab > click on the blue Balance Due amount > Receive money = New Bank Transaction. This produces a screen like this:

My question is, what should I put in the Tax field?

The actual bank transaction does not contain GST so I suspect that I should leave it as No Tax but am not sure.
The original invoice requires GST so I am worried that if I put No Tax when receiving money then Manager may not account for the GST specified in the invoice.

I have looked in the guides about receiving money for sales invoices but they don’t seem to show the tax field at all.

Thanks for any guidance.

You are correct. You should not indicate any tax code when receiving money against a sales invoice or paying money against a purchase order. The tax transaction was recorded when the invoice was created.

Even if you select tax code, Manager will ignore it as it doesn’t make sense in the context of accounts receivable.

Thank you Tut and lubos. Your replies make it very clear.