How to transfer purchased goods for stock sales to inventory items

Hello I have made delivery of some goods on credit. I have created a purchase order but have not paid yet. I have also created my delivery receipt for the stores manager but i dont know how to transfer the list of goods to my inventory goods and i dont want to key them in manually.

Any help please?

Your description is confusing. If you delivered goods to a customer on credit, you should have created a sales invoice, not a purchase order. Purchase orders are for ordering goods or services from suppliers, but they have no financial effect. If, by “delivery receipt,” you mean a delivery note, that will have no effect unless it is preceded by a sales invoice.

For an overall understanding of how inventory works in Manager, read the series of Guides that begins with this one:

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Hello @Tut i am sorry i did not come clear let me attempt again.

  1. I have ordered goods but i have not paid for them yet. So the purchase invoice has been created for later payment.

  2. Now i have to receive the goods i have bought into my stores so i have created ‘Goods Receipting for it.’

  3. Not i want to register these goods as part of my stock.

Now my question is: How do i easily transfer the information of the procured and received goods from PI or GR to my inventory without doing it manually which i have been doing in the past?

I hope i am clear now?

this is explained in the guides that Tut linked to

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Thank you very much. All i wanted to confirm is that the inventory items must be computed manually even before you place the order and fix in the quantities. But it is clarified in the post so …Thank you sir.