How to track inventory

Please, let’s say I have 20 pieces of an item in my inventory, is there a sure way to track the sales? I mean, is there a place I can go to to see how many remains.

Also, is there a way to set an alert to be reminded when the quantity of an item reaches a particular number? For instance, I want to be alerted when item ABC remains 5 in stock.

Read the three-part guide on how to manage inventory.

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hello tut;
i know the post is very old but would like to get a little of clarification also . Because its true that in inventory you can keep selling inventory items even when you dont have one in stock ie selling past 0 items .My question is the same can there be an internal built in mechanism that restrict a trx when picking an inventory item if the number of inventory to sell in beyond what remain of balance ?

Practically its difficult to go and run reports every time i want to pass a new trx to check of the inventory balance on each and every items

i have also gone through the three parts of teh guide and i dont see these covered

please help if there any thing i have overlooked here

I suggest you vote for this idea if that is what you want Inventory zero warning